Teaching Tuesday Workshops: general information

Tuesday, June 6th

SEB is continuing a tradition of providing Teaching Workshops , hands-on useful activities, at the 2017 Meeting in Portugal.

These optional workshops:

  • have different formats and some workshops schedules overlap
  • have limits of participants for each session
  • if there is sufficient demand and presenters availability some of them may be repeated
  • on-line registration will inform when a workshop has reach the limit
  • will run in parallel with EHPE and Symposia 3 & 4 sessions, from 14h00 to 16h30
  • require previous registration
  • have an adittional fee of 25 euros
  • Payment by PayPal and Bank transfer
  • Alternatively payment on-site on Monday June 5, during morning registration, for those that cannot use on-line systems
  • Participants will received a confirmation by email in a few days after registering
  • Registration opens next Monday, March 20, circa 1 pm GMT/UTC+0

Important notes:

  • Only registered participants can attend workshops
  • Only previously paid registrations are accepted
  • We reserve the right to cancel registrations without timely payment

General Schedule

To register for a workshop please go to each workshop web page

Workshops (W) Titles
Last version May 30
Music and regional produce degustation
This workshop will run in parallel with EHPE and Symposia 3 & 4 sessions
Traditional wheat and homemade couscous in Trás-os-Montes
Format: 1.5 hrs
Limit: 12 people
Outdoor activity
Garden in front of Auditorium hall
This workshop will run in parallel with EHPE and Symposia 3 & 4 sessions
Genesis of a natural skin care product: A journey with the Caribbean mango
Format: 1.5 hrs
Limit: 15 people
Lab. Biologia
This workshop will overlap 2,0h with Poster session
Animal traction in sustainable agroforestry management
Format: 2.5 hrs
Limit: 12 people
Outdoor activity,
attendees will be driven 10m to our farm stables Quinta do Poulão
These workshops will overlap 1,5h with Poster session
CONECT-e: The Wikipedia of Spanish
Advances in Economic Botany - A Publishing Opportunity for your Research
Portuguese Ethnobotany: Material Culture
Format: 1.5 hrs
Limit: 25 people
Room: G3-S5-01
Format: 1.5 hrs
Limit: 25 people
Room: G3-S3-02
Format: 1.5 hrs
Limit: 25 people
Room: Auditório Dionísio Gonçalves