W1 Animal traction in sustainable agroforestry management

Participants will engage with modern use of draft animals, learn about its potential in agroforestry sectors, providing the trainees with adequate knowledge and tools to enable them to recognize animal traction as a modern, competitive and sustainable solution.

João Rodrigues, APTRAN – Associação Portuguesa de Tracção Animal
  • Format: Two sessions available (2.5 hrs each one)
  • Limit: 12 people per each session
  • Runs from 16h30 to 19h00,  in parallel with Poster session
  • Outdoor activity: Quinta do Poulão. Attendees will be driven 10m to the farm stables
  • The first session CANCELLED (14h00 to 16h30) runs in parallel with EHPE and Symposia 3 & 4 sessions
2017 SEB Meeting Workshops_ W1 attendees May 28

Adittional information at: APTRAN and FECTU


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