Tuesday Medicinal Plant Walk with Fernanda Botelho


Attendees will join Fernanda Botelho on a medicinal plant walk and find out:

  • What are the most widely used plants in Portuguese folk medicine?
  • How are they used?
  • How are they harvested and prepared?
  • What is the Nettle Fellowship?
  • What is the social scenario for herbal medicine in Portugal at the moment?

Fernanda will bring some plants from south of Portugal and from her own wild garden to show and explain their uses.

Fernanda Botelho, Independent writer and plant investigator
  • Organized on behalf of the SEB Meeting Students Event by the Students Commitee
  • Tuesday, June 6
  • Format: 1 ½ hour tour
  • Limit: 30 people
  • Outdoor activity
  • Runs from 18h00 to 19h30
  • Register by June 1

Medicinal_Plant_Walk with_Fernanda_Botelho_Poster

Adittional information contact Sandra Bodgdanova



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