Dr. Britaldo Silveira Soares-Filho is full professor of Department of Cartography, Institute of Geosciences of Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil. His research focuses on modeling and analysis of land-use policy scenarios, including integrated simulation of land-use changes in tropical forest regions and the assessment of their impacts on climate, river regime, carbon balance, agriculture and forestry rents, and biodiversity. In addition, Dr. Britaldo coordinates the development of DINAMICA EGO software (www.csr.ufmg.br/ dinamicaEGO), an environmental modeling freeware used by many scholars worldwide.


William Leles de Souza Costa is a research associate at CSR/UFMG. His work focuses on environmental modeling, geoprocessing, geodesign and digital cartography. He holds a degree in Surveying Engineering by Engineering Faculty of Minas Gerais, two specializations: Geoprocessing and Software Engineering; and a master degree in Analysis and Modeling of Environmental Systems by Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil.    

Date and location of the course

- 16 to 19 of May in Lisbon, Instituto Superior Técnico



Registration FEE

- 100 Euros for APEP associates

- 150 Euros Non Member of APEP

Price includes: coffee breaks, course certificate

Registration is open until 26th of February. The course will be held only if there will be a minimum number of participants (16). Until the 1st March the organization of the course will confirm if the minimum number of participants was reached and registered participants will have to pay registration fee until the 7th of March.  If the minimum number of participants will not be reached this course will be cancelled and new dates will be set.  

- Brief theory on land use change modeling

- Visual interface, library of analytical and simulation algorithms, and high level programming language of Dinamica EGO.

- Designing and use of submodels.

- Design, calibration, validation, and operation of land use change model.

- Examples of applications of Dinamica EGO, including fire spread, carbon cycling and emissions, fluvial regime, spatially-explicit land use rent models, and other econometric models.


Requirement: Experience with GIS or environmental modeling


Duration: 4 days (8 hours per day)


Language: Portuguese